Leader. Honeystar-golden brown tabby she-car with a blue and green eye

Deputy. Sunstrike-yellow and white,handsome tabby tom.dark green eyes

Medicine cat. Cherrypelt-silver tabby she-cat with dazzling blue eyes

Stormfeather-dark grey tabby tom Apprentice-dewpaw

  WARRIORS(toms and she-cat without kits)

Cougarscar-light fawn tom with a long scar over his face

Wolffang-greyish brown tom with long sharp dentals

Sunsplash -small,lean,golden tabby she-cat with icy blue eyes

Sandflight-light ginger she-cat

Hawkstorm-dark beown tabby tom with sharp hook like claws

Hollyblossom-jet black she-cat with a white blaze on her chest.dark blue eyes

Fallensky-orange and white tabby tom

Flowersong-small pale ginger she-cat

Darkglade-black tabby tom.former meadowclan cat.apprentice-cedarpaw

Swiftleap-dark greyish black spotted tom Apprentice-owlpaw

Ashfall-grey speckled tom

Aspenheight-golden brown tabby tom

Foxflight-dark ginger she-cat

Squirreltail-dark hinger she-cat with a fluffy tail.apprentice-ebonypaw

      APPRENTICES ( cats seven moons or older training to become warriors)

Dewpaw-small ginger tabby she-cat

Ebonypaw-black she-cat

Cedarpaw-dark grey tom,with dark green eyes and faintly striped tail.

Owlpaw-skinny,lean,and tall light grey tom

QUEENS(she-cats nursing or expecting kits)

poppydawn-pretty calico she-cat (Expecting cougarscar's kits)

Tansybrair-brown,orange,and white spotted she-cat (expecting stormfeather's kits)

Hazelwing-dark chestnut tabby she-cat.mother to hickorykit-dark brown tom, lillykit-black and white tabby she-kit,and rosekit-little calico she-kit (nursing darkglade's kits)

Birdsong-sweet brown,tan,and light mocha dappled she-cat

 ELDERS (now retired  warriors and queens)

Gingersplash -light red tabby she-cat

Bumblelight-dark grey tabby tom.had to retire early due to failing sight.

Petalfall-light tan she-cat[[File:Exa