Did you know that the bigest horse is a Shire Gelding who name was Goliath and he was 76 inches and 193 cm high. Did you also know that the smallest horse is a Falabella horse and was small as 36 inches and 81 cm high. Did you also know that a Zebra and a Horse can have a foal and they are called Zebroid.

Did you know that horses are the number one animal that people love to thave as a pet at in the country. They say, "A girl who says a diamond is a girls best friend never owned a horse." They also say that horses never forget people, that is the same with all animals. Plus horse riding helps with ADHD, OCD, and Sensory, and Autism. Also it can help  people that are depressed. Help kids who need to be helped. I wish that kids with all kinds of disablities can conant with an animal Like I do and did. If you like what I have to say please visit this website . It is truelly good information on different types of horses breeds.