So, I made the Kya Dark Lineage wiki.. a long time ago, and I kind of just left off the face of wikia back in 2010. After stopping by another wiki a month ago, I thought, I should really fix up the Kya wiki! Especially since, it's such an unknown game; the better the wiki is... the more new people will come and learn about the game and possibly become interested in it. I'm still working on it, and I'm not necessarily ready to really advertise it yet. But my problem is, I made a navigational box for it, and then I was like.. well. .. it's nice,, but this design is nice too! So now I have three navigational boxes that all have their own charm and I have no idea which one to actually use! =_="

To see all three navigational boxes, check out my testing page on the Kya wiki, Template Tags, and just go to the navigational boxes part.. the first three are the ones I'm trying to figure out.. the minigames one is not involved. See, I like the first one with the long borders and the colors.. and then I noticed most wiki's use the nav box where the genre info is on the side... and then  for the third one, I was like.. wouldn't it look nicer if it was different colors, so it kind of categorizes it better? I don't know which one to use and which one looks the most proffesional.... What do you think? 1, 2 or 3? Feel free to make your vote on the front page of the Kya wiki! Kya Wiki (Bottom right).

The best part is there is another wiki, that uses a really cool design for their nav boxes.. I want to do that some day too.. but for now! That's a whole other thing for another day! First things first, make it look presentable!