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    Avatar RP Wiki

    October 17, 2013 by Hydrocarbon1997

    (shameless advertising) hey i'm hydro, admin of ARPW. Now if you're into Avatar: The Last Airbender (that's right i'm talkin benders here, not the weird blue cats >_>) or Legend of Korra. you might like this place. it's a roleplaying wiki if you didn't figure that out. which takes place 250 years after Korra arrived in Republic City.

    These are just some answers to some questions i'm expecting.

    Q: How many Airbenders are alive, what happened to the temples?

    A: Over 6 million and the 4 air temples are functioning and teaming with air nomads

    Q:Is Republic City up to modern technology standards? Meaning they have internet, cell phones and video games.

    A: No there haven't been too much advancement, the reason why can be explained in our story


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