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IAmATomboy February 14, 2015 User blog:IAmATomboy

Hey everyone,Rydel here and today is actually my first day on the website.I'll probably be a Wikia noob for a bit,but hey,you gotta start somewhere.Like for example,Two years ago I started on a website called Wattpad,staying as a silent reader.About 11 months ago,I began writing stories which I deleted due to hate I received.Currently there are about 3 stories up of mine.Anyway,after writing those stories,the stories I have now,and other things,I gained 29 followers,I just gained one this minute!Anyway,I can't promise this blog thing will be an everyday thing,so if anyone bothers to read this and likes it,don't think I will post every second.Well,I need to continue a story,bye.

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