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User blog:IBored22/SOPA/PIPA Must Not Be Continued!


SOPA/PIPA Must Not Be Continued!

IBored22 January 19, 2012 User blog:IBored22

Hello To All Wikia Users,

       I hope we stand up against SOPA/PIPA. Stop Censorship and have the rights to gain free access to     internet connections. We must help every citizen in all over the world. I know I'm not from America (But I'm not joining protests but I know I can help in the internet with other people.) but yes; It's all over the whole world so why not other help? Because other people from outside of America didn't know this would happen. They would just go to sites. But when the law is passed we'll be all getting sued for every move in the cyber world. So please, I hope you understand this. I hope you help for the sake of internet users.