Originally I wanted to post this on the General Forum Discussion but don't know why it cannot be published

Anyway, last afternoon I was quite angry with a retarded troll who's kept vandalizing the DieselDucy page on the Elevator Community Wiki. The troll edits the page by replacing all "elevator" words with "stairs". I undo his edit but five hours later the troll came back and replacing all the elevator words with stairs. I undo his edit once more and flame him on his talkpage. The wiki doesn't have an active admin, but user AisakaTaiga(palmtoptiger) has sign up the Wiki Adoption recently. Could someone come in there and shut the retarded troll so I can stop undoing his bad edits?

On a side note: The troll is using the same IP address and has always vandalize the DieselDucy page since a long time ago. This has to be stopped right now!

Here's the link to The annoying troll's contributions

-- SL74