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Help with Chat Guidelines

ILYx3 July 21, 2012 User blog:ILYx3

Hi there. I wanted to ask how to use the chat moderator when in chat. This chat moderator from another wiki keeps kicking me for absurd reasons, and i wanted to know if his actions were right or wrong.

He first kicked me as a joke, along with another user. The second was me saying one word "fuck". I wasn't even intending to curse in the chat. Cause i was playing this game and my friend asked the room's pw, and it was "f*ck", so i said it. He kicked me out of chat (not kickban) saying i swore and that was a warning. The third was he thought i was glitched in chat, when im not. The fourth was the same was my second kick. I'm feeling this chat mod is abusing me with his powers..

Can you guys tell me if this was right of him to do or not? Thanks. (btw, im a moderator, so idk if i should suspend him a few days or not. 'cause hes known to harrass others sometimes).

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