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Just as of last night, I got to see Crobot, Anthrax and Volbeat LIVE here in my city. It was AMAZING. I've never really listened to that much of Anthrax, but thatnks to that concert I will be. Volbeat was the biggest performance of all, which is the entire reason I had gone to it.

During Volbeat, I got into SEVERAL huge mosh pits. For those of you who don't know what a mosh pit is, it's basically at any rock/metal concert. What happens is a bunch of people start fighting, pushing, throwing punches here and there. It's all in fun with no real intent to hurt anybody. I fell a few times because of all the beer on the floor. So many people were surprised at 14 year old girl could survive a mosh pit. Deal with it. Also, during the Volbeat performance, 2 college twins asked if I wanted to go crowd surfing. I did not. However, they made me go anyways. I got towards the front of the stage until I was dropped. I ran around again and this time I was THROWN over the barricades and up to the stage. Worth it!

The lead singer of Volbeat, Mike, jumped off the stage for crowd surfing and I got the honor of carrying him! My friend and I were freaking out. When the concert got really insane, the mosh pits got bigger and I got drenched in beer. 

Even though I'm full of scratches and bruises, I had fun. All was worth it.

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