This blog is created in concern for users rights. There has been concern (by me) over new users rights to create usernamespace blogs off topic vrs. the rights of "staff" to create usernamespace blogs off topic in this wiki. I would invite any "staff" to justify this position and explain to the community at large why this happens.

I do apologize. Last night was very late and I was very frustrated. Instead of trying to understand why no one has made clear policy, I will make a forum stating the policy that the community enforces.

Let me be very clear on this: If any profile, talk page, blog page, contributions page, or following page (other than your own) is to be deleted by the community, it needs to be clearly stated.

These pages are associated with your username. When you click on your username, you have options to make pages telling the community about yourself.

I will state the community consesus/policy about userblogs in a forum that may be adopted into policy.