Linear Narrative:

I am Here, the linear narrative takes place with the player playing a character named, Karen* who is trying to find out what happened to her wife when she wakes up alone in their home and sees that she’s not there. As the player travels throughout the house (set in the 1960’s) they will find that not everything is as it seems. Especially when they interact with certain objects Karen’s wife left to them, sending them into a grim and darker version of the house. As they explore and switch between the realities they soon discover that there’s more going on here then just a missing wife.

Non-Linear Narrative:

I am Here, the non-linear narrative takes place as the player progresses through the game. They learn from either interacting with objects that Karen’s wife left to them, or by simply following the sound of the voice into a room, that the grim and darker version of the house is actually the house now, and the house in the 1960’s is a hallucination of Karen’s due to her dementia. The player will learn about not only Karen’s dementia but also that her wife was taken away to a mental health clinic due to their relationship.

  • Note: When referring to characters with a name or specific pronoun, these are merely placeholder and are subject to change. When referring to a character speaking, it’s assumed to be text and not actual speech.