Hello everyone, I finally made my thoughts and decided to tell this. About few months ago I was being harassed by many wikia admins and their friends on a topic we were discussing on Wikizilla about a dragon kaiju named Manda. I was curious to know what the skin flaps on the side of Manda's body from Godzilla Final Wars was and found out that they were a sort of mantle skin. I did enough research to back up my case and prove to prevail...but it went from good to worse as times when Titanollante and I were discussing the matter after I had edit the page and she changed it back to "normal" some guy named Zakor1138 decided to jump in our conversation and cause a lot of hell for me, all three of us argued about how I was wrong and that the flaps were not a mantle (or at least to say a mantle's skin flap) instead considering them to fins and then after being suspended some of their friends decided to talk crap about me and before that many other admins decided to gang up on me and Zakor1138 tried to look down on me and hurt my feelings and make fun of my ideas and the worse of it is I exactly followed their rules after my first suspension and gave secrete links to the facts' resources I had put up, but they kept taking them down for no exact reason and just kept correcting me and everything, they were basically acting cyber bullies and ignorant snobs than being real admins and taken on consideration of everybody's statments or resources. After my suspension I did more research on the mantle (to mention this is something that is on molluscs, like snails) to see if I didn't miss anything and everything I had mentioned before was right and then I found something else that helped me the "fins" were actually the main part of mantle (as the mantle is basically a robe piece of skin which sometimes expands off the head) and I was right all along and that they were just being ignorant trying to down me which is omething an admin shouldn't do they were just being to strict and made look like I'm nothing, but a kid with a hot temper. *Sigh* you know what I'll just guys read our talk during that time since I took screenshots.

BBut if you rather go to direct source instead of these screenshots here are the links. And to state my point little better he's something special I just found

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