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User blog:Iggyvolz/Making online game with perks for editing our wiki - any advice?


Making online game with perks for editing our wiki - any advice?

Iggyvolz November 12, 2012 User blog:Iggyvolz

I am an admin and the lead developer for Fightmon the Game, a game series created by 2years-too-young. However, our wiki only has 2 real users, me and 2years-too-young. (There is also my bot, a handful of users who have only made an edit or two, and the bots who set up the wiki) So, one thing I was going to try to do in our next game update was do give some sort of perk for being a Wikia member, and for how many edits you have (Non-productive edits wouldn't be counted). Has this ever been done before? Do you think this would generate publicity for the wiki once the game is finished? Iggyvolz (Message Wall) 20:22, November 12, 2012 (UTC)

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