I have a suggestion, but I don't know where to post, so I'll make it a blog post.

Whenever I'm on chat, standing by, waiting for someone to come in, I tend to switch tabs. Chat is basically the only place where I go on Wikia, besides the stray edit here and there, so I thought of something.

The fact that a lot of people use the URL to get into chat means that the chatroom is not displayed on a mini-browser, and is mixed amongst other tabs.

I suggest that for every new message in the chatroom, there'd be a display of a number on the tab title, just like it is inside chat (when you switch to Private Messages with someone). That way, people who are busy doing other stuff don't end up missing out on something going on after a dead chat, and so people don't end up missing messages when people talk to them because they were switched out. I'm suggesting a system similar to that of Tinychat, or Omegle.

This is a frequent bother for a lot of people multitasking, and it'd be great if you guys addressed it. Thanks in advanced :)