I was just randomly searching up things, since my relatives were watching that and that... and I wondered what they were about. And I looked through them almost everyday because I had no time to read them all in one day. Anyways, the problem is that when you go to the same wikia many times, it goes to your profile, saying it's one of your favorite wikias. That really bugs me, since that is not my favorite wikia... I log out when reading now, but when I want to add comments or chat, I have to login AGAIN. This is just a suggestion. In every wiki, what if you add a button that says "Favorite", so it'll go on your profile? I'm a bit new here, so I don't know if there is already a solution to that. It's a small problem, but thank you if you could fix that, or if it's already fixed, please tell me what to do.

Thank you! ~iiTrixi