• I live in Your Majoras Mask game
  • I was born on April 23
  • My occupation is Dead
  • I am eyeless
  • Ilovecreepypasta

    Ok, so a hackers have been spotted on my BENDROWNEDYOURTURN wikia. Appearently someone on that chat (I forgot who) did an IP scan and they turn out to live close to me.

    I can't see them on my screen, but my chat mods can.

    The hacker threatens to kill me soon. His usernames are the threats. Such as: "Ilove is going DOWN!!!!!!", "I'LL DROWN YOU", "I KNOW YOUR NAME" (and then said it), "Your friends can't help you......", "I NEED YOU", "I'M GOING TO KILL YOU SOON",ect.

    I think he found my cell number.... great, just the thing I needed. My chat mods say they won't help me because I have to deal with my OWN problems. No matter HOW MANY TIMES I tell them that I can't see them on my screen like them.

    They have stopped responding to my mess…

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  • Ilovecreepypasta

    I just wanted to say I need more members for my wikia, I did post it under that list of wikias that need editors.

    I want the word of my wikia to get around. I've got 10 users so far, but they hardly come on. If you don't know who it's about, I've uploaded a story about him. The BEN DROWNED real story, look it up if you need to know who he is.

    Here's the link to my wikia: Be sure to check it out!!

    I'm active everyday and I stay up late. I'm basically always in chat too.

    So be sure to come around!! Have fun!!

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  • Ilovecreepypasta

    This is a blog about whats recently happened in my life.

    • I'm getting Derpy Hooves toy.
    • My Little Pony Season 3 is coming out, very excited!
    • Got a kitten, named Smokey.
    • My older cat Oscar got sick today. :o(
    • I went on vacation to Seattle.
    • I just ate Beef Jerky, nom nom nom. Xo3
    • I made another friend.
    • My cousins came to visit me.
    • Got my shots today, bleh. :oT
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