This is carliy and your watching teen  hot  wire I am pretty  sure  that  you guys  have all heard  of  the Disney  channel show girl  meets  world girl meets world has been cancelled Rowan  Blanchard the girl who  plays  as Riley Mathews says  that the  show has impacted her life and that it has helped her grow  up more and she will miss it very much no to the girl Sabrina  carpenter  the girl  who  plays  as Maya  heart on  the show  girl meets  world she says  that she has loved being on  the show  girl meets  world and her and Rowan Blanchard will miss doing  it for you all but it might go on  a different  network my name is carliy it's not my real  name I can't  tell  you it but if  you like the show  girl  meets world and you want  to save it go  on YouTube and search girl meets world  is cancelled and watch  the video and it will tell  you to comment down below if you want like  the  show and you want it  to stay or if  you don't. people that love girl  meets  world help it stay on air. bye