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    I originally wrote this blog post as a comment on Sannse's blog post User blog:Sannse/The Zen Admin, but due to its length, it's movement from the original topic of that blog, and one of the replies I got to the comment there, I decided to make it its own blog post.

    I would like to start this message by saying that I absolutely hate using the block button and will try my hardest in most instances to resolve a problem without it, even if it means more anger is expressed in the short term. I just feel that a user is more likely to come back and be productive if problems are talked out rather than just having them banned straight away. I just feel blocking goes against the idea of "assume good faith" unless the user is blatantly and obvious…

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  • Imamadmad

    Answers Central

    June 16, 2013 by Imamadmad

    If you enjoy spending your time reading and/or editing answers wikis, here's some news which might be of interest to you. There is now an Answers Central wiki which has been created to act as a hub for answers wikis. Everything from comparing notes about what does and doesn't work to finding DIY solutions to problems only found on answers wikis, this new wiki is a place where people are free to discuss from the perspective of this wiki format which has been basically abandoned. The idea is to try and create a Community Central like environment, but specifically for answers wikis. As an extra, it is also encouraged that you make a page about your answers wikis for others to view and maybe even come check out your wiki because of.

    So, what…

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