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  • My occupation is Dishwasher, and writer
  • I am as slick as the grease in Elvis' hair, yo
  • ImperiexSeed


    July 28, 2012 by ImperiexSeed

    Alright, this bug or whatever is starting to piss me off, like seriously, fix the damn problem, please. For one thing, every time I add a page to the Smallville wiki, it automatically adds the 'Pages with broken links' category, and like I said before, when users make edits on both the Smallville and Supernatural, it says they add categories that are already there prior to their edit. Fix this now!

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  • ImperiexSeed


    July 24, 2012 by ImperiexSeed

    Fact is, I'm new to Community Central (Wikia), the homebase. I do, however, edit a variety of wikis, and would like to become acquainted with users here, and one day maybe to be friends. I'm a generous and independent guy who's goal is to promote and prosper wikis all around. Could anyone be my friend? I'm very sociable, and appreciate conversation. Thank you for your time. Comment here.

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  • ImperiexSeed

    People of Wikia, I hereby announce that some distant wiki, the Smallville wiki, needs a further administration team, as Kanamekun, one of its main admins, it no longer active for some reason. I myself know a lot about the show, and have been repetitively contributing for over a month, and I'd like one of the Staff members to make me as such. Thanks.

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