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    To write on a topic in Wikia, one needs to decide in which Wikia to write. Now, I plan on writing on this: How to reduce the use of online products, in particular Google products, in an Android phone.

    The trouble is that it's hard to decide where to put this, and how. The topic spans multiple subtopics. In a wiki, a natural way of organizing the information is to split the content into detailed articles, each focused on a narrow area, and to refer to the detailed articles from a more succinct overview article.

    So, where to write the overview article, and where about the focused topics?

    These are some candidates, in decreasing order of number of pages:

    • Computing Knowledgebase (881 pages)
    • c:Computer (671 pages)
    • c:Google (341 pages)
    • c:OpenSource (1…
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