Heart rate continues toss, footsteps remain unified

Life in full color sheet dreams will come true latent

The high ideals it unattainable by effort and gaiety and earnestness

That is the meaning of love yourself

If we love someone, we will always pray for him

Although he was not on our side

God gave us two legs to walk

Two hands to hold

Two ears to hear

And two eyes to see

But why did God only bestows heart piece to us?

Because God has given a piece of liver to someone else for us to look

That's love ...

Do not occasionally say goodbye when we were still trying to

Do occasionally give up if we still feel up

Do not occasionally say we do not love him anymore if we still can not forget

Love comes to those who still have hope

Although they have been let down

To those who still believe

Although they had been betrayed

To those who still want love

Although they have been hurt before and

To those who have the courage and conviction to rebuild trust

Do not let us keep the words of love to the people you care about

Until he passed away and eventually we had to record the words of love that the tomb

Should recite the words of love are stored in our minds

Now while there his life

Maybe God wants us to meet and love with the wrong people

Before meeting with the right person

We must understand how to thank you for the gift of

Love can turn bitter into sweet

Dust into gold

Cloudy to clear

sick into cured

Prison into the lake

Anguish into favor

And anger into mercy

It hurts to love someone who does not love us

But the most painful is to love someone and we never had the courage to express her love

If we want to love or have one's heart

Like the saying like picking a red rose

Sometimes we could smell the roses

But sometimes we feel when it rose thorns finger prick

A sad thing in life

Is when we meet someone who means a lot to us

Only to find that eventually become meaningless

And we should let it go

Sometimes we do not appreciate the people who love us unconditionally

So we lose

At that time nothing to regret because it goes without saying anymore

Love a person on the basis of "who he is now"

And not "who he previously"

The story of the past do not need to be raised again

Had we really love him wholeheartedly

Be careful with love

Because love can also make healthy people into sick

Fat people into thin

Normal people into insane

The rich become poor

King into slave 

If love was greeted by the fake lovers

The possibility of what we care about or love

badness stored therein

And the possibility of what we hate

Goodness stored therein

Meaning hunks love to treasure

Natural meaning of love to women

Self-love means wise

Love to death is life

And the love of God means piety

Throw someone who is happy in love to the sea

Surely he will bring a fish

Throw is also a failure in love to the myriad of bread

Surely he would die of hunger

If we can speak in all human languages ​​and natural

But do not have feelings of love and affection

You do not change that resonated like a gong or a jingle shells

Love is immortality and memories are the most beautiful things

In love I have ever owned

Anyone good at live love

But nobody good judge of love

Because love is not something that can be seen by the form of visible

Instead of love can only be felt through the heart and feelings

Love can soften iron, stone crushing, raised the dead and the life of her

As well as making a slave to be a leader

That is the essence of love ...

True love is to let those we love be perfectly themselves

And does not change as the picture we want

Otherwise we love only the reflection of ourselves we find from within him

We will never know if we are going to fall in love

But when it's time to seize it with both hands

And do not let him go with a million question marks in his sense

Love is not cheap and commonplace words

But the gift of God's love is a beautiful and sacred if humans can see and assess the sanctity

Making love was easy

To be loved is also easy

But to be loved by the people we love that are difficult to obtain

If the presence of love just to disappoint

Better to love was never present

Because love is something that brings the beauty and happiness in it

Love is like a butterfly

Add chased added run

But if allowed to fly he will come when we do not expect

Love can make you happy

But often also be sad

But new love worth if given to someone who appreciated

So do not rush and choose the best

Love is not how to be the perfect partner for someone

But how to find someone who can help you be yourself

Do not ever say "I Love You" if we never cared

Never talk about feelings that never existed

Never touch someone's life if it is to break her heart

Never looked into his eyes that made ​​us all just to lie

The most cruel thing one does to others

Is to let it fall in love

Whilst we do not respond to him

love is not "this wrong you" but "i'm sorry"

instead of "Where are you?" but "I'm here"

instead of "how the hell are you" but "I understand"

Not "didn't you try like this" but "I love you like you is"

The most activity was not measured by how long we've been together

And how often we shared

But as long as we are together we always complement each other and create a quality of life

Only feel sadness and longing for what we want

And wrenching as deep as we allow

The weight is not how to repeat the sadness and longing

But how do I learn from it

How to fall in love

Fall but do not stagger

Consistent but do not force

Share and do not be unfair

Understand and try not demanding

Sad but the sadness never keep

Indeed ill see our loved ones being happy with others

But it hurt more when someone we love is not happy with us

Love is going to hurt when we split up with someone

More painful when we are forgotten by lover

But love will be more painful when someone we love do not know what we really feel

The saddest thing in life is to find someone and fall in love

Only to find that he is not for us

And we've spent a lot of time for people who never appreciate

If he says "no"

So he will never say "yes" again a year or 10 years from now

Let him go ...

Love is the spirit of

Love is trust

Love is the energy that can not be destroyed

He can only change form

Love does not have to have

Because love means never giving all I ask