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Wiki chat emoticons

Iopl3887 March 11, 2013 User blog:Iopl3887

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Have you ever wondered "How do I add emoticons to my wiki?" Well if you want to, Follow these simple steps!

Step 1 Edit

Go to your wiki and type in the URL bar "" and then click "Edit".

Step 2 Edit

Minimize wiki and open up Paint.NET or MS Paint. Make a new canvas that is 19x19 Pixels.

Step 3 Edit

Make your emoticon. It can be anything, as long as you make it as small as the canvas. Save is as anything (Example:"Example.PNG") and upload it to your wiki. Click on the link of the image and then copy the URL (Example:"

Step 4 Edit

Make the code on the Emoticons page Example1234 .

Step 5 Edit

Click "Publish" and you're done!

(All emoticons should be this size: Emoticon happy)

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