Isabella V Clemente

aka Belle

  • I live in Hawaii
  • I was born on May 16
  • My occupation is Acting, Dancing
  • I am Female
  • Isabella V Clemente

    Recently two of our administrators were banned on The POTCO United Nations Wiki, both with 4 month long global bans; Paradox Overlord and Lord Hector Wildhayes. Paradox Overlord was banned with the reason of "cross Wiki disruption" whereas Hector's reason was "no reason". After looking into this, I found that these two administrators were reported by a user known as "Gamer124", someone who constantly comes on The POTCO United Nations Wiki and floods our activity with profanity and offensive pronouncements.

    Paradox Overlord made a single remark on a Wiki, defending himself and Lord Hector Wildhayes did nothing. To me, if Wiki Staff is going to punish people so unjustly, they at least need to make it consistent and ban the person that was cus…

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