Recently two of our administrators were banned on The POTCO United Nations Wiki, both with 4 month long global bans; Paradox Overlord and Lord Hector Wildhayes. Paradox Overlord was banned with the reason of "cross Wiki disruption" whereas Hector's reason was "no reason". After looking into this, I found that these two administrators were reported by a user known as "Gamer124", someone who constantly comes on The POTCO United Nations Wiki and floods our activity with profanity and offensive pronouncements.

Paradox Overlord made a single remark on a Wiki, defending himself and Lord Hector Wildhayes did nothing. To me, if Wiki Staff is going to punish people so unjustly, they at least need to make it consistent and ban the person that was cussing everyone out. Several people gave their opinons on Paradox's ban, many which aren't even friends with him, and every single one of them was quite frustrated with "BrandonRhea's" decision to ban Paradox for defending himself, and not ban the person that had originally instigated the arguments in the first place by cussing everyone out.

This user, "Gamer124" has infinite bans on multiple wikis for excessive profanity and arguing. This isn't a new thing. So I can only ask why Paradox Overlord, someone who's generally mature and actively contributes to multiple Wikis is receiving a global block while Gamer didn't get so much as a warning. It really is frustrating. I'm the only admin left on my Wiki and I can't get on every day. Things are getting out of control and since Wiki Staff has banned all of our administrators, there's nobody here to ban the people that Wiki staff initially defended (I.E. Gamer) when they start cussing people out for no apparent reason.

I'm Paradox's girlfriend in real, which is really the only reason I care enough to come here and ask for an appeal. He sent an email to Wiki, and was given that standard message of (We'll reply in 2 business days). It's been more than 2, and he hasn't gotten a reply. I'm very disappointed in Wiki Staff. Truly, very disappointed.