Alright I do not use Wikia much at all so I do not really care if I face a repercussion for this.

I joined Wikia when I was 7 way back in 2010 or 2011 if I recall, being a stupid 7 year old I eventually was banned for COPPA and then made sockpuppets because I literally had no idea how anything worked.

This all happened on the Club Penguin Wikia which was my most active Wikia for a long time.

Eventually I came back under another account (which got banned tempoarilary) and then this one. This is now my only Wikia account. For some reason it was banned on the Club Penguin Wikia way back then for...hacking. This was in 2012 if I recall correctly and I definitely did not do any hacking, this I recall for sure. I have an IP ban on that Wikia and it tells me to contact an administrator.

I wish to look back on this Wikia to see what has changed. How can I contact an administrator? I see no such option.