I can't help but being disappointed at DC.

I just discovered that Ezra Miller will be The Flash in the upcoming movies of The Justice League - NOT Grant Gustin. I was shocked. I was hoping that Gustin will be The Flash. I mean, so what if he did grade B movies, so what if his acting isn't that great. He has been The Flash for 2 years, and now DC replaced him by making Ezra Miller the Flash. Great, just great.

I do not approve this; it's a 100% NO!


We, the fans of the CW show The Flash, did not see any errors of Grant Gustin being Barry Allen; apparently he's not "good" enough. Grant Gustin told everyone on Twitter not to worry about it, and said that Ezra Miller might be the right choice for the future Flash. I’m not saying that I don’t like Ezra Miller, he’s a cool funny actor, and he has impressive roles in a few popular films, but I still prefer Gustin to be the The Flash in The Justice League movies.

Don't Warner Bros. and DC know that they're just disappointing the fans? They just have to shatter our hopes into tiny pieces, like a mirror that has been shattered into tiny shards.

Tell me: do you approve that Ezra Miller will be the Flash in the upcoming movies of the Justice League?

Or would you want Grant Gustin to be in it?