'Hello, to whoever is reading this blog post, 

A few of you may know me, a few of you don’t. So I’ll be making a small introduction about myself – though, I won’t put any personal details about myself. 

I have a wild imagination, you know? Every day, I daydream and teachers interrupt my daydreams by asking me questions. But I do pay attention in class. I am a very mature student (maybe). Ever since I started secondary school, my form tutor always says to me "Were you in your little fairy land." It started to get irritating now, so I thought to put all my imagination into a fantasy novel that I’m writing. I will publish this novel in a website called WattPad (you may have heard of it) first, so I could get your WWW (that means “What Went Well”) and EBI (that means “Even Better If”.) After I received your opinions and comments about the story, I will be editing the novel a bit and it will be accomplished.

As you may know, my favourite colour is blue. In fact, I love any types of blues – turquoise, sapphire blue, neon blue, baby-blue, etc. The reason why I love blue is because, it reminds me of the shimmery ocean that I have never seen ever since I was 5. 

I love the ocean. It's full of so many mysteries you know? There were days when I when I was young, I used to lie on the soft sand, run across the sea shore, and feeling happy whenever I step into the water. I used to swim a lot, as well; but I don't think I'm good at it anymore, because I haven't swam for quite a while.I used to remember how calm the sea is: waves rising and crashing with pure harmony; seagulls flying across the sky, diving into the water to grab a fish and kids making sandcastles on the beach. Once, I was swimming in the turquoise ocean and I found a clam skull.

The ocean was something I loved. I understood its beauty and its dangers. No description can describe how beautiful the ocean is, but a few words could.

I love art as well; I have a sketchbook which I use as a diary. Sometimes, I see things that aren’t suppose to be there – like hallucination. Someone once said that having a talent for heart and having hallucination is always a good thing, because your art skills will improve and your imagination will get even more wonderful. For example, I see an image of Jesus, so I use my sketchbook to draw that hallucination. You get what I mean?

When I was 7, I decided that I want to be a fashion designer. Now, my DT teacher calls me “Ah, the fashion designer.” Even at Parents Evening, my Mr. DT teacher said to my Mum: “Ah, hello fashion designer’s Mum.” You have no idea how embarrassed I was; XD. 

That’s all I could tell you as an introduction of me.'

Hope you have a great day, 😊😊

P.S. If you're wondering what my WattPad is it's @AdreenAlly2424