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    Monobook Wiki

    February 22, 2012 by Jäzzi

    Monobook is a skin that, although not widely supported by Wikia any longer, is nice and customizable. However, not many know how to customize Monobook so they don't use it.

    Recently, a few users and I have created a wiki so that users who would like to use Monobook can have a nice theme on that wiki.

    The users that have joined together to work together to create themes for other users are: Jazzi and Wattz2000.

    If you have a theme request please make sure to read the guidelines on requesting the themes.

    Once you have read our guidelines and you have a clear community consensus, request your theme here.

    With MediaWiki 1.19.1 on most wikis now, there might be some problems that have happened when your wiki was upgraded. If you need any help figuri…

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  • Jäzzi

    WARNING: This blog is an opinion, do not flame me for stating my opinion, as that is quite immature and is unneeded.

    To start off, I'm BassJapas from Zeldapedia. I joined wikia April 23rd, 2010, when Monaco was still up. I admit, I was pissed when Oasis was being forced upon us. Because that's what I saw it as, a new skin was being forced upon us, and they were taking something we all preferred. But you know what I did, I got over it. I used Oasis for a bit, and eventually got used to it. If you can't do that, then switch to Monobook. But I'm quite sick of coming onto community central and skimming through so many blog posts complaining about how Oasis sucks and Monaco was the best thing to ever come to this site and that Monobook is ugly and…

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