WARNING: This blog is an opinion, do not flame me for stating my opinion, as that is quite immature and is unneeded.

To start off, I'm BassJapas from Zeldapedia. I joined wikia April 23rd, 2010, when Monaco was still up. I admit, I was pissed when Oasis was being forced upon us. Because that's what I saw it as, a new skin was being forced upon us, and they were taking something we all preferred. But you know what I did, I got over it. I used Oasis for a bit, and eventually got used to it. If you can't do that, then switch to Monobook. But I'm quite sick of coming onto community central and skimming through so many blog posts complaining about how Oasis sucks and Monaco was the best thing to ever come to this site and that Monobook is ugly and outdated. Monobook is basically what most wiki skins look like, most places you go will have Monobook, or something that looks pretty damn close to it.

Have some courtesy for other users, and stop complaining in every single edit you make to a blog. No amount of signature on petitions on blog posts will work. Unless you guys fork over money, they aren't going to get Monaco back. So please, spare us, and stop complaining.