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This week, we talk about some exciting new events happening on Wikia, including the Kingdom Hearts Arena Battle, the Fantasy Food Fight, as well as Wikia's Book Club.

The entertainment section discusses the casting for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, the casting of Ben Affleck for the new Batman movie, as well as the HBO series, True Blood. In Gaming, we touch on all of the exciting new announcements and reveals of Gamescom 2013. We talk about our favorite new fighting game, Divekick, as well as EA's new approach on free-to-play games.

The Wiki of the Week is the Shadowhunters Wiki, and we are joined by admin Electra Mak. We talk about the strength of the book series as well as the upcoming film, The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, which was recently released. Electra also reveals her favorite characters and some good advice to aspiring admins.

As always, we invite you to participate with the podcast by letting us know what's on your mind! Send all your thoughts, requests, and wiki-of-the-week suggestions to Also, you can find links to relevant wikis and time stamps for each podcast segment in the show notes below!

Show notes:

  • Length: 59 mins

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  • Intro music: "Something Elated," by Broke for Free
  • Outro music: "As Colorful as Ever," by Broke for Free

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