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We're back with another episode of the Wikia Community Podcast! This week, we discuss the The Old Boy remake, the new season of Newsroom, as well as announce the conclusion of the Kaiju vs Robot Battle. In the games section, we discuss the new Grand Theft Auto 5 trailer, the fighting game tournament Evolution 2013, as well as the upcoming The Legend of Zelda title for the Wii U.

We're joined this week by Walking Dead admin Axel_TWD, we touch briefly on everything the Walking Dead, from the television show to the graphic novel. We also have a long talk about the newest DLC addition to Telltale's The Walking Dead game series, entitled 400 Days.

As always, we invite you to participate with the podcast by letting us know what's on your mind! Send all your thoughts, requests, and wiki-of-the-week suggestions to Also, you can find links to relevant wikis and time stamps for each podcast segment in the show notes below!

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