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On Episode 8 of the Wikia Community Podcast, we wind down from Comic-Con 2013, discussing upcoming movies, including X-Men Days Future Past, Catching Fire, and more. In the gaming realm, we discuss Phil Fish's dramatic cancellation of Fez 2, the future state of MMOs, and Neil Gaiman's first videogame, Wayward Manor.

We're joined this week by the Percy Jackson admin Hyperborean, who talks to us about the community on the Camp Half Blood wiki, along with what drew him into the books. He gives us his input on the upcoming movie, as well some editing tips.

As always, we invite you to participate with the podcast by letting us know what's on your mind! Send all your thoughts, requests, and wiki-of-the-week suggestions to Also, you can find links to relevant wikis and time stamps for each podcast segment in the show notes below!

Show notes:

  • Length: 47 mins
  • Segment Time Stamps
    • Entertainment: 4 mins 48 secs
    • Video Games: 16 mins 41 secs
    • Wiki of the Week 31 mins 18 secs (Camp Half Blood )
  • Intro music: "Something Elated," by Broke for Free
  • Outro music: "As Colorful as Ever," by Broke for Free

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