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Japanese Qualifying Result

JB17 September 26, 2015 User blog:JB17

So this how they will line up for the Japanese Grand Prix

1) Nico Rosberg   2) Lewis Hamilton    3) Valteri Bottas   4) Sebastian Vettel    5) Felipe Massa     6) Kimi Raikkonen    7) Daniel Ricciardo    8) Romain Grosjean    9) Sergio Perez   10) Daniil Kyvat  11) Nico Hulkenburg   12) Carlos Sainz Jr   13) Pastor Maldonado   14) Fernando Alonso 15) Max Verstappen   16) Jenson Button   17) Marcus Ericsson   18) Felipe Nasr   19) Will Stevens   20) Alexander Rossi

Daniil Kyvat brought the "Red Flag" after doing a massive flip after smashing into the tyre barrier
Kyvat crash flip

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