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Marrusia F1 Team

JB17 September 26, 2015 User blog:JB17

The Marrusia F1 Team was an Anglo-Russian Formula-1 racing team, based in Banbury in the UK. The team was managed by Marrusia Manor Racing (Now known as Manor Racing Team), wich was a subsidiary of Marrusia Mototrs, a now defunct sports car manufacturer wich is based in Moscow, Russia. The team originally started racing in 2010 under the "Virgin Racing" name; the following year Virgin adopted Marrusia as a title sponsor becoming "Marrusia Virgin Racing" until being fully re-branded as the "Marrusia F1 Team" for 2012. The Marrusia Team scored it's first champoinship points at the 2014 Monaco Grand Prix where  the teams leading driver Jules Bianchi finished ninth (2 points) in doing so Marrusia became the first Russian licensed constructor to score world championship points.  



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