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JDJG Inc. The Everything Movie Jonathan Aventures

JDJGInc October 12, 2016 User blog:JDJGInc

This is guide is for understanding the series not Giving out secets of the series so here we go. Jonathan Aventures gets super powers from a thing called "magic power juice" and a "magic ring" from a being called "the mirror". Anyway Jonathan Aventures gets his magic hat and his extra ablites from a secret temple. And has to keep going normal and super hero until he gets his cape and defeats a villian called "Epic Badguy" Jonathan Aventures beats him. Jonathan Aventures fights agian in next adventures. Then he gets 3d flipping powers, ghost powers, and a lots of ways to defeat badguys like a magic wand. And everything made by ©JDG Inc. that is Jonathan Aventures related is all cannon.

Thanks guys for reading and please watch this:

JDJG Inc05:49

JDJG Inc. The Everything Movie Jonathan Aventures Offical Server Esipode Introduction!-0

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