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A Majestic Universe

What's up? I'm Jordann Edwards.

So, do you like anthro animal characters? Do you like space operas like Star Wars? Well, my friend Craig (FeigeRoman) and I are working on this epic adventure, called Space Pirate Captain MacTaggart, and we've created a wiki: SPCM Wiki

Craig already has the first series of stories on his DeviantArt page , and on FictionPress .

We've been posting on Facebook and Tumblr , but we've yet to make a Twitter account.

The wiki just keeps growing with pages, and we just need a solid fanbase. =P As such, we have plans to expand into a series on YouTube .

One thing you should know about this series - it's part of a larger universe that I, Craig, and Elizabeth are building, called the MajesticBlue Transmedia Universe (MBTU) . It includes The Dynamite Twins and Friends , a series I created, as well as Ghosts of Earth, Liz's project.

TDT is about a pair of foxes with supernatural abilities, and it's got heavy influences, like anime and music and old toons, as it is the oldest part of the universe (the characters I created in 2008). The series is currently on DeviantArt , Facebook , and Tumblr ; we also interact on their Twitter .

Ghosts is part of the Tails from the Federation banner, alongside MacTaggart; it's about a white cat looking for a way back home. Elizabeth has a Tumblr page here.

So, check all of it out, and let me know what you think. ;) I'm just trying to set everything up, as I'm going for transmedia storytelling here.

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