• JYSon

    Why I like Mr.AB's class

    November 11, 2010 by JYSon

    I like Mr.AB's class because he enjoys his class time and he likes to teach. If he doesn't enjoys his class, there is no reason that I will like Mr.AB's class. I also think Mr.AB is funny. He likes to make jokes and sometimes he acts really strange. He always tries to bring funny activities that we will like. Mr.AB's activities are funny such as 5 sentences story. Many of students from my class doesn't like to write stories but they like to write 5 sentences story. Most important reason is that the students and the teacher both enjoy the class.I also like Mr.AB. He is very talkative and energetic. He always thinks in the positive way and he always gives power to the students because he always says "You can do it! Try it!". Mr.AB always smiā€¦

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