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Wiki Diplomats

I have an idea: wiki Diplomats. I'll explain my idea, a Diplomat is someone who keeps the peace and there are many wiki disputes and the admins don't like getting involved with them. But what about the people who like to make sure no one argues on the wiki. thats where my idea comes in. A wiki Diplomat should be appointed for each individual wiki, so as to keep the peace. They would have the rights to: Kick people from chat, ban users from chat for a day at most, revert edits and give day at most wiki edit bans. Please consider my idea and leave it open to the public to vote. Thank you for your time - Jack Firesword. Life is an idea thought up by the human race 20:20, July 25, 2012 (UTC)

this blog is open to discussion and you are free to leave your opinions on my idea here.

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