• Jack the killer23

    Jack the killer

    August 15, 2016 by Jack the killer23

    This is the origen story of Jack The Killer. He was born in kentucky where he was constenly picked on by his fellow class mates at springfeild elementry. He was only three foot four so everybody called short stack even his own started calling him short stack. This name stuck until he was sixteen years old by this time he snapped. On July 23 1987 jacks mother had been laughing at him all day since he went to the doctor and had his height. He was still on four foot two. In the middle of the night he went to his fathers gun closet picked up his twenty two revolver and shot both his kidneys hi mother rushed him to the hospital where the doctors did everything they could do to help but jack did'nt make it. Ten days after jacks death his mother …

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