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How to boost your mobile business with Passdock

As a good Passbook passes generator Passdock offers every single effort to help with making life less difficult for the system installer utilizing its notable system of creation, allocation and customization of the passes for the future use of Passbook.
Passdock boasts a clear-cut as well as easy-to-use method to design event tickers fos Passbookfor example and assemble passes intended for this innovative application.
So what is the best part...? All different types of businesses and programmers can easily entry this industry with the integrated and multiplatform items offered by Passdock.
Check out what follows:
Customize and design templates pass for Passbook.
Opt for the areas that ought to be active over the pass.
Create Passbook passes by working with precompiled areas for a particular user.
Make use of certificates made available by Passbook.
Change a pass for a certain user.
Transmit push notifications of instant updates.
Distribute passes updated to a particular iOS device.
Assisted generation - you should not know the json structure of the pass, being concerned solely of the content.
Enjoy a particular immediate preview of the pass generated on your Browser without the need for having to implement it on iPhone by using iOS 6.
Take advantage of API to employ the Passbook features in the most convenient way even before the start up of iOS 6;
Experience compatibility with iOS and Android system.
Template creation accessible from which to create a ton of passes.
Predetermined grounds - generation will be uncomplicated because of the pre-programmed templates which just need to be filled out.
Extensive assistance to pass production by using descriptive guidelines for every feature.
Optimized for Retina Display for both mobiles along with the new MacBook Pro Retina.
Screens: meticulous statistics regarding every single template; the list of templates and generated passes; on wich device you have set up a pass.
Access sample code in different languages: python and Objective-C to connect to API.
The API for Passbook provide the information that Passbook applies to interact with the outside, with its own language which in turn makes its performance possible.

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