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  • I live in Somewhere on Earth
  • My occupation is Beating bad guys and other random things
  • I am Something from Hala
  • Jacky 50A

    Can I Get Help

    September 12, 2014 by Jacky 50A

    Hello there it's me, Jacky 50A. Well, I've just got a fanon wiki I made some minutes ago and offered some of my friends to help me there and also to get the wiki alive. It's called Gun Faceoff Wiki. Basically where we faces off fictional guns from movies or games against each other to see which is better. Well I'm alone there and I don't want to end like PlayStation All-Stars FanFiction Royale which is a BIG wiki and suddenly all of it's activity has stopped, except for some. Well at that wiki, I just need contribs to post their ideas. Most of the pages there is made by me. I founded that wiki and the first pages are made by me. So, I'm honestly gonna need help back there. Thanks, sincerely, J50A.

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  • Jacky 50A

    Well guys,I've been inactive at the community central right now. But in my Respawnables wiki,I am active plus I am now an admin there ! Hurray!

    But guys,you know that I am blocked in the wiki I feature here....And don't really blame me if another user has an idea like this.

    For this one,it is the Deadliest Fiction Wiki,the strongest of all Deadliest Network. With some Iron fisted bureaucrats (?),this wiki should not be messed around with.

    Fictional battles that anyone can write.And the battle must be voted.Well votes can be from the polls or comments to vote.Also there are warrior pages where users can observe what battle or battles the warrior has already done.And note that the wiki is a strict policy enforcing wiki. So don't mess with the p…

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  • Jacky 50A

    Ready to deploy wiki

    February 8, 2014 by Jacky 50A

    One of the wikis mentioned in my first blog is "Rex The Respawnables player wiki".Now it is ready for publication!

    It is going to be renamed Respawnables fanon wiki but I have no idea how to change it.My friend Dan67 helped once there just a few hours or minutes ago.Now it is ready to be open for public.Although it is still in progress.Users here may add some ideas there.And if you see uncreated pages they can be used by other users.

    Now to see the established wiki,click here to help

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  • Jacky 50A

    Abandoned Wikis?

    February 7, 2014 by Jacky 50A

    Hello guys I am Jacky 50A of Respawnables well,this time.Serious thing to discuss probably.Some wikis are very big.But some,are small.But do you think of a wiki so small that it has seems to be the fewest page in the wiki?Well,big opinion for me : They are abandoned.

    Really,there are abandoned wikis.With no editors there to keep it on,goin' on for ages right now.Probably so.But I discovered it one year ago.And a guy called William Indonesian was the one that helps right now.But he disappeared.And then you would look at those wikis.Now these are several wikis that are believed to be "Abandoned" and little helped them.Not just abandoneds.

    • Rex The Respawnables Player wiki
    • Siegius Wiki (Currently helped by Wikia Contributors)
    • Strike Force Heroes E…

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