Hello guys I am Jacky 50A of Respawnables well,this time.Serious thing to discuss probably.Some wikis are very big.But some,are small.But do you think of a wiki so small that it has seems to be the fewest page in the wiki?Well,big opinion for me : They are abandoned.

Real things 

Really,there are abandoned wikis.With no editors there to keep it on,goin' on for ages right now.Probably so.But I discovered it one year ago.And a guy called William Indonesian was the one that helps right now.But he disappeared.And then you would look at those wikis.Now these are several wikis that are believed to be "Abandoned" and little helped them.Not just abandoneds.

Well,just to be careful that is the only thing I know.I hope more guys can help out especially the first one.It has only 14 pages plus one contrib.