Well guys,I've been inactive at the community central right now. But in my Respawnables wiki,I am active plus I am now an admin there ! Hurray!

But guys,you know that I am blocked in the wiki I feature here....And don't really blame me if another user has an idea like this.

For this one,it is the Deadliest Fiction Wiki,the strongest of all Deadliest Network. With some Iron fisted bureaucrats (?),this wiki should not be messed around with.

What's there?

Fictional battles that anyone can write.And the battle must be voted.Well votes can be from the polls or comments to vote.Also there are warrior pages where users can observe what battle or battles the warrior has already done.And note that the wiki is a strict policy enforcing wiki. So don't mess with the policy and admins. But the most feared is the bureaucrat,for me.

Bureaucrats there are very rough.You do a mistake or whatever that violates the policy,the Banhammer strikes for 3 days or even infinity days,Well the admins are good. Bureaucrats are the one that is fearful.Plus this is not words to be violating DFW.

Well don't really be afraid of the DFW. Just join the Deadliest Fiction wiki to make battles of your own.