Ello users

Jake is here with a cool awesome contest. (Takes off his Poker Face to his serious face). Alright, I wanna see the best YouTube video promoting wikia! However, I can't make videos for 2 reasons. (points to his 2 feet) So I want to see you awesome videos promoting wikia! There are 3 ways you can make me see an entry:

Post the link here

PM me on YouTube

You can email the video.

Sooooo yeah. Also, my name on YouTube is Jaketunes360, and my email is I repeat this:



Now, the reward? You will be able to have your username in a video I make, bragging rights, you can ask my any questions, and I will make you a logo of your username. I know i'm cheap, but i'm only 13, what do you expect?


There are some requirements

I need to know your username on YouTube, and know your username if you email me

You must've been here for at least 1 month, without getting banned

You must name some wikis in your video and what's cool about them

Please complete the following form


YouTube name

Link to video

Complete this:

I (username) agree to the rules and terms of the Wikia YouTube contest. I know that if I lie to any of these rules, I will face punishments, which can go from being yelled at to being banned from Tdifan24 spamming on your YouTube wall. I agree to these terms and will accept any consequnces whatsoever

(Enter signature here)


No swearing in video

Username must be in video

Must say a few wikis

Must include Wikia logo somewhere

Enjoy the contest, and have fun :)

Jake 06:20, February 28, 2011 (UTC)