Ello wikia users. Here is a bog on how to make your wiki successfull and user friendly!

Making users feel welcome

Ok, so making users feel welcome is very immportant. It's like a bussiness. The bussiness isn't gonna go far if everyone is arguing or in a trobuled conflict. So here are some ways to make users feel welcome:

When they come for the first time, greet them with the little message. They loved this, or at least I did.

If you have a chantago IRC or chatroom to the wiki, talk with them in there on in PM (Private Message) about what they want to talk about. Some users like to talk in private, so that would be the perfect chance.

Comment on users blogs :D.

Making an image or doing a user a favor would be great.

Check by them at times. Leave a message on there page to see how they're doing.

Make sosme clubs. If you're at a wikia for Glee for example, make some clubs and let them join

Make the wiki look good

Here's how to make your wiki look good.

Have a pretty homepage. Because the homepage is like the door to a house, or the start.

Add some pics to pages. People love to see pictures on pages.

Don't make half of your articles stubs. This would look bad and boring.

You know that thing with the news on the bottom right. Well update that regularly, so everyone knows what is going on.

Files or pictures

Pictures are very important! So here's some tips.

Don't name a file it's not. For example, don't name one picture a gif.

Most people use PNG, png, JPG, or JPEG. Now here's the difference. PNG keeps better quality. So unless you HAVE to save in jpeg, use PNG, as it's better quality.

Notice the difference ;). You'll see it if you look at it long enough.

Well that's about it for what I got. Thanks for reading :D.

Jake User, Friend, Active! 20:15, April 2, 2011 (UTC)