Hello wikia,

There have been some rumors about a vandal. They are true. He's been hitting wikis every day. As of from what I last heard, he has hit the following wikis:

Sonic News Wiki

Total Drama Island Wiki

Glee Wiki

American Idol wiki

Sonic Wiki

He has been hacking into heading templates and ptting pics of deformed babies, gay pornography, and childrens private parts. Clearly, this has been taken down now. I'm not an admin on any wiki, but I find this situation very hurtful to the wikis.

Anyway, I don't know who he/she is gonne hit next. The vandals name is "Meepsheep". I suggest wikia bans him/her on all wikia. This kind of behaivor violates the wikia rules. No pornography should be allowed on wikis. So I think all of wikia should ban him/her. This is just a warnign to keep watch for Meepsheep.

Thank you for your time.

Jake Writer, Drawer, Friend 17:50, May 15, 2011 (UTC)