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  • Jambo73642

    Hello, by the time I am writing this I will be in jail, on the run or even dead but all you need to know is I am a married 34-year-old male. So let’s get this over with, about two years ago I was sitting in my desk chair with my laptop open, it illuminated my face as I browsed twitter. A post came up on my feed, it said “My website is up!!! here is the link:” the link was one on the or something random like that. I was tired and bored, so out of pure curiosity I clicked the link, this is when it all began. It brought me to a sight with a black backdrop and white text, the text said ‘WELCOME TO AMUSEME.COM!!!’ I thought that it would be like ifunny or something. I continued to browse the site, it was a bit like Reddit an…

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