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Grave of the internet

Hello, by the time I am writing this I will be in jail, on the run or even dead but all you need to know is I am a married 34-year-old male. So let’s get this over with, about two years ago I was sitting in my desk chair with my laptop open, it illuminated my face as I browsed twitter. A post came up on my feed, it said “My website is up!!! here is the link:” the link was one on the or something random like that. I was tired and bored, so out of pure curiosity I clicked the link, this is when it all began. It brought me to a sight with a black backdrop and white text, the text said ‘WELCOME TO AMUSEME.COM!!!’ I thought that it would be like ifunny or something. I continued to browse the site, it was a bit like Reddit and 4chan, there was a small portion of posts, I guessed that was because the site had just been published. But these posts weren’t normal, these posts said things like “going to kill that man, I can’t wait, stay tuned!!!” I felt sick to my stomach, I continued to browse. The horrors on that site were unexplainable, after a couple of minutes of watching, I thought enough of this and sent an email to google about it. I went to bed that night at 11pm, I woke up at 1am to crying, it sounded like my son. He was only 6 and usually cried once a week, I got up and went to check on him. He was shaking and pale, he was pointing at the window. I looked outside, I was shocked by what was standing in my garden, the tall figure, he had a knife in one hand blood dripped from his knife. I grabbed my son and called for my wife to follow me, we ran outside to the front garden, my phone had a text, it was from a hidden number, it said ‘try to report us, ha, well we have something for you’ the door swung open and the man ran outside. We ran into the car and locked the doors, I opened the glove box and the keys were there, the man jumped on the bonnet and started to break the glass, we turned the key and drove out of the drive. As we drove down the countryside roads, the man was chasing us but he couldn’t keep up. We never went back to that house…