aka James Alexander

  • I live in Middlesbrouh
  • I was born on July 24
  • My occupation is University Student
  • I am Male
  • JamesAlexanderAssassin

    I have just completed Assassin's Creed: Black Flag for the third time now. However, this time I went all out and have done everything possible within the game: 100% synch, collect all Animus fragments & treasure chests, side missions, outfits, guns & swords, crafted all items, naval & assassin contracts, Fleet missions and everything else. Except for one area. The Aberstergo challenges. I have completed 97/100, why, you ask, have I stopped? Well, the mini-games.

    The three challenges I have left are 'Surivive Shark Attacks', 'Unlock all Fleet destinations', and 'Win 2000 reals on minigames'. And the last one completely demotivated me. The AI in mini-games are ridiculous and lack any bounds of reason for the user. I won one of every game, but…

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