I have just completed Assassin's Creed: Black Flag for the third time now. However, this time I went all out and have done everything possible within the game: 100% synch, collect all Animus fragments & treasure chests, side missions, outfits, guns & swords, crafted all items, naval & assassin contracts, Fleet missions and everything else. Except for one area. The Aberstergo challenges. I have completed 97/100, why, you ask, have I stopped? Well, the mini-games.

The three challenges I have left are 'Surivive Shark Attacks', 'Unlock all Fleet destinations', and 'Win 2000 reals on minigames'. And the last one completely demotivated me. The AI in mini-games are ridiculous and lack any bounds of reason for the user. I won one of every game, but I only did that because I loaded up the very same mini-game on my laptop and I would copy the move the AI on Black Flag would make and then I would copy the move from the mini-game on my laptop onto the Black Flag mini-game, and eventually I won all three.

But there was a problem, Nine Men's Morris for example would have the AI be able to move any of its pieces on the board once it was down to its last three, but this cannot be done on the mini-game I was playing? And on Fanorona it seemed the game would let you take more moves than what is allowed on a computer based game, so this would make my strategy of using a second game likely compromised.

It is certainly doable for me to get the 2000 reales, but I am simply not motivated to try and try to win a game multiple times. Its far too tedious compared to everything else I have done on the game, eveything else gave me satisfaction, but this one is frustrating.

The main point of this blog is not only to give me a practice at my first attempt, but why, on god's green earth, did Ubisoft see fit to create such unbelivably unrealistic capabilities for the AI in Black Flag? You can go on Google and search forums that discuss this very thing, nearly all are filled with disgruntled gamers questioning the point of such high difficulty? They continued this idea from Assassin's Creed: III on to Black Flag, and although a few games have passed I still want to vent my frustration about this.

I do not know how many people will think my strategy is 'cheating', but for those of you who might, let me tell you this, by definiton I was not 'cheating', cheating is giving yourself an unfair advantage, and me using an AI to beat another AI is simply not cheating. The game is clearly the one with maxed out capabilities.

And yes, there are different levels of each mini-game, different locations give different difficulties, but I see very little difference, I just see it as the game being that tiny little bit more prone to error.

This blog is my first so I was just testing waters. Checking this whole thing out, but I want people to try and stop Ubisoft, somehow, to stop adding in these sort of things that make no sense and can zap the enjoyment of the game from people and replace it with frustration.

James Alexander.